How to Become a Catholic

Why are we here?           What is life all about?         What happens when we die?

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Questions are good! Call us with your questions!

We are here to listen!

If you or someone you know has an interest in our Catholic faith…

Satisfy that interest!

Invite them to join you at Mass or a gathering at Resurrection.

WE MEET @ 9:00am on SUNDAY or on ZOOM on MONDAY @ 7:00pm

Take the first step and inquire!

RCIA = Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Call Joanne at 239-482-6883 or email [email protected]

We have been called by God to do his work: to walk with our brothers and sisters
who seek the Risen Lord and want to learn about the Catholic faith.
It is a privilege to do so.

Here is the Calendar for March & April

March 7   @ 9:00am - Moral Decesion Making -  Think of a very difficult decision you had to make                                                                                      your life. What went into your decision process?

                         Join Deacon Michael Esper to explore this important process 

March 14  @ 9:00am - Sacrament of Reconcilliation -  “In light of your experience, what would you say about                                                                                                                                                                                                         forgiveness?

                                     Join Fr. Toner to explore God's Way of Forgiving through the Sacrament 

March 21  @ 9:00am       5th Sunday in Lent - SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION - "As you look back on your life, can you see evidence of the Spirit’s work, the Spirit’s promptings" "HOW IS THE HOLY SPIRIT PRESENT IN YOU?"

                        Join Deacon David Reardon to explore the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation

March 27 - JOIN US SATURDAY for a Day of Reflection .... Christ's Presence Among Us!

                   8:OO am - Noon - ALL ARE WELCOME! Join us in the Parish Center - Call to R


                                       "What speaks to your these special rituals of our faith?"

                       Join Jim & Mary Myers to explore the LORD'S SUPPER, GOOD FRIDAY, EASTER

April 4 - @ 9:00 am = EASTER SUNDAY   We will rejoice! Christ has risen! Alleluia! "What does it mean that you have been baptized into Christ‟s death and resurrection? How does that impact your Christian life?"

                       Join us to share the Easter Mystery of Christ ALIVE among us....    

April 11 - @ 9:00am     Mystagogy of Divine Mercy -

                        Join with those recently Confirmed to Share their Stories   

April 18  - @ 9:00am - Symbols of Bread & Wine - The Power & Presence of Eucharist       

                       Join with Margaret Walker and Gregory Warnecke to discover symbols...among us

April 25 - @ 9:00am - Stewardship - Call to be the Good Shepherd 

                                Join with Joe Ferarra & Jim Suroski as we discover how God calls us to care for our                                                                                                                                       neighbor and our self.

If  the overview of the RCIA process seems daunting, fear not!

You will be experiencing this journey with other adults who are also learning about the Catholic Church.

A team of dedicated people from the parish community facilitate the weekly meetings to assist you in deepening your understanding of the Catholic faith.

Most importantly, the process takes place within a parish community that will support you with their prayers.